As a self-taught artist living and working in Venice, Florida, I am inspired daily by the natural environment that flourishes on the Gulf Coast. It couldn’t be more different than my original hometown of Easthampton, Massachusetts! I paint vibrant abstract tropical birds – a representation of the paradise I am grateful to now call home. I am currently working in watercolor after experimenting with a set of paints my mother gave me two decades ago. With years of experience with other mediums such as oil, acrylic, collage, and mixed media, I find watercolor to be the most challenging – and rewarding. To complement each bird, I also refurbish frames with my signature decoupage technique. This developed from customizing furniture pieces as a creative outlet and to bring a second-life to used objects, as sustainability is important to me.

My work has most recently been exhibited at the Venice Art Center and Sarasota Art Center, and I continue to expand my portfolio with each new opportunity. I regularly participate in local arts and crafts exhibitions, and look forward to meeting you there! If you are looking for something specific, I am open to commissions. I consistently update my site with new works (I have over 75 in my current portfolio), so please check back often and follow me on Facebook (insert link)!

Finding a successful balance between creating and selling my work can be demanding, but I am up for the challenge! My mom told me when I was little, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. I try to live by this every day, because as we all know, a mother knows best!

Thank you!
Bonnie Childs
Watercolor Artist

Bon's Birds Image 1